AVA Future Features

These are future features planned for AVA and if a specific release is known, it follows in parentheses.

  • Use an LLNR of “0” when creating an unauthorized aid to work with Dan Meigs’ Google Earth software (23)
  • Allow upside down rotation so device can be used in portrait mode even while on a charger (not supported by Apple design)
  • Change email subject to be more specific – LLNR, number, and whether it is a VERIFICATION or DISCREPANCY to make it easy to identify which email is of interest (23)
  • Change header in email body from beta development to pilot (23)
  • Enforce certain fields before a Preview can be generated – must select Urgency of Report and Priority at a minimum, do a GPS Fix, and tap Watching Properly if a verification (23)
  • Automatically select Damaged checkbox if “Damaged Dayboard(s)” or “Missing Dayboard(s)” is switched on (23)
  • Add a setting for Alternate GPS to identify a plug-in or Bluetooth GPS for a WiFi-only iPad (23)
  • Add latitude/longitude and distance to LL position on photos (24)
  • Embed photos in PDF (24)
  • Add option for standard or satellite map (24)
  • Add clustering switch back in (24)
  • Import a list of lights from an email – enables a mission planner to send you a specific set of lights to look at
  • Light filter – ability to filter all lights or a specific set and show only those
  • Search – look up lights by partial name as well as LLNR
  • Break out lights that have the same lat/lon – right now, you can only see/select one
  • Implement collapsing sections in Report or remove certain static sections to reduce amount of information shown during reporting
  • Performance improvements
  • Implement multiple lists of aids and real-time addition of new markers to map as aids are reported (v2.0)

If you have specific suggestions, please respond using the comment block below.

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