A Pesky “No Lights Found” Trap

There’s a bug in 1.0.0 (27)! After downloading from the App Store, you may find yourself in a “No Lights Found” trap with seemingly no way out since it keeps popping up.

This occurs because when installed, the default district is “D7” and you may not be in District 7 (Florida). It can be difficult to get out of it, but here’s how to do it –

  • Tap Ok to close the message (and keep doing it every time until you get through the following steps)
  • Tap the folder icon in the taskbar (lower right corner)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the settings page
  • Tap on Edit
  • Scroll back up to the Test Mode field
  • Tap Test Mode to turn it on (and this should stop the “No Lights Found” popup)
  • Now change the District field to the correct district for your location
  • Tap Test Mode to turn it off
  • Tap <AV Assistant at top left to return to the main page

Now you should see all the lights for 10 miles around your position and you can finish your setup. Be sure to read the AVA in Apple App Store post – there is an important message on setting up the CG Form field to get access to the 7054 reporting capability.

Sorry about that – will fix it in the next version.

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