AVA 1.0.0 (25)

Build 25 is released with the following changes.

  • Add latitude/longitude and distance to LL position on photos
  • Embed photos in PDF
  • Add setting for for standard or satellite map
  • Add setting for clustering
  • Show Nearest Light functionality unless the “CG Form” setting is set correctly
Aids to Navigation Report – Lat/Lon & distance to aid on photo

Build 25 reaches an important milestone – readiness for release to the Apple App Store. I am trying to shift AV Assistant functionality so that I can put it on the Apple App Store for general availability without exposing the reporting capability to the general public.

As released, unless you specify the correct CG Form setting, AVA will function exactly like Nearest Light, showing aids to navigation and nothing more. A later version will add a pop-up notice to go to the NAVCEN website to fill out the public form at https://www.navcen.uscg.gov/?pageName=atonOutageReport.

If the CG Form setting has the correct value, then AVA works as it has up to this date.

Until the App Store process is complete and I have changed the website pages and documentation to match, open TestFlight on your iOS device to install the new version. It does not automatically update.

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