AVA in Apple App Store

[updated 4/11/19]

AV Assistant is on the Apple App Store!

Making AV Assistant available to any USCG or Auxiliary personnel without exposing the reporting features to everyone was a difficult one. While there is nothing secret about the 7054 form or the reporting process, we don’t really want it in untrained hands either.

In the end, I chose to clear the CG Form field in Settings. The App Store version now behaves a lot like Nearest Light, only presenting informational data about the aids.

As well, I needed to create visible and public pages on oceaneye.com to support the App Store release requirements. If you go to oceaneye.com and click on the menu to get to AV Assistant and then AV Assistant for iOS, you’ll get the public pages. The AVA User Manual there has the reporting information stripped out.

USCG / USCG Auxiliary

For the correct information on the USCG / USCG Auxiliary version, you need to bookmark this page – oceaneye.com/avaforios – which remains unlisted in the menu. You will need to put in this value in the CG Form field in Settings.

Note – these reports are specifically authorized for use by USCG and USCG Auxiliary personnel and are not for public use.

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