How to do Verifications

(moved from AVA for iOS home page)

AVA generates 1 emailed report per verification. This is by design to keep the app simple and focused.

Current USCG policy is to submit multiple verifications on one report. For example, one report was for 50 verifications in a channel.

The solution for Aids Verifiers using AVA is to find the email with the first light in the channel. Open that 7054 PDF and then edit the comments to add all the other LLNRs surveyed in the other emails. Then manually update the number of verifications in the top right corner of the 7054 form.

The first verification, for 53010 Cape Coral Rim Canal Dbn 1, had in the comments:

“50 verifications: 53010,53015,53020,53025,53030,53035,53040,53045,53050,53055,53060,53065,53070,53075,53080,53090,53095,53100,53105,53110,53115,53120,53125,53130,53135,53140,53145,53150,53155,53160,53165,53170,53175,53180,53185,53190,53195,53200,53205,53210,53215,53220,53225,53230,53235,53240,53245,53250,53255,53260. “

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